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Introducing Data Enabled Debt Management

What Connected Data delivers for you

Access to multiple data solutions in a fraction of the time through our proprietary data partner network

An ability to more effectively understand and engage your indebted customers and help resolve their situation

Deploys the widest range of data solutions, analytics & AI with the absolute focus of reducing, resolving & preventing debt

Delivery of fairer customer outcomes through deploying a wider range of data and insight into your debt management process

A simple onboarding process offering you the chance to test and evaluate prior to a longer term commitment

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Our story

Powered by the widest range of data solutions, Connected Data allows you to data enable your debt management process with minimal impact on your own resources.

Our story

The debt data imbalance

There has long been a disparity between the intense focus and investment in the process of bringing customers on board compared to the lower levels of innovation focused on the later stages of the customer lifecycle when the challenges of debt management are very real.

The debt data imbalance

Our services

Deep data integration and extensive commercial engagement with our wide range of data partners allows us to support our customers debt challenges with an optimised data selection.

Our services

Technology & security

We blend the latest business intelligence & analytics with the widest range of market insight data. This is combined with a highly secure & scalable AWS environment along with our deep debt analytics expertise and proprietary debt focused Data Fabric.

Technology and security

Supporting you & your business


Kirk Fletcher
Founder & CEO

Customer focused, agile and fast moving our non-legacy technology delivery model is designed to be simple to implement and rapid to impact your business.

Following completion of your data governance process our on-boarding can typically be completed in less than 2 weeks, with enhanced debt insight & actions to follow. We run independent of your legacy operational platform and we provide a 90 day termination for convenience clause to all agreements as standard. This allows you to fully test and evaluate our impact to your business prior to a longer term commitment.


Our leadership team is made up of individuals that are passionate about addressing the debt data imbalance and ensuring that our customers, and in turn their customers, can truly benefit from the data driven value we create.


Antony Dear
Director Platform & Delivery


Emma Peach
General Counsel


Anthony Sumner
Director Data & Analytics


David Lemon
Head of Customer Insight

Supporting You

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