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We transform our customers' insight across their debt management process, simplifying the deployment of predictive data, removing data noise and identifying opportunities to prevent & reduce debt across their organisation


How do we help you

We know that most debt portfolios can be positively impacted through more effectively data enabling your Debt Management process, reducing your debt levels and optimising your customer treatment strategies.

Debt is an ever evolving challenge.
Debt is a highly complex, multi faceted challenge for any business, constantly changing and evolving, often as a result of upstream or external events over which an internal debt team have little control.

Super charge your debt process

We 'super charge' your debt team, providing greater insight & informed decisioning. The Connected Data service is hosted in a secure Amazon Web Services Private Cloud, providing you with a highly segregated and resilient data environment that has minimal impact on your internal resources.

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Prevent Debt

We utilise debt focused data & analytics to drive preventive actions, interventions and strategies that impact debt across your business. Provided as a Service it gives you the very best in debt focused data & analytics.

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Reduce Debt

Our data enabled preventive actions and interventions can occur at different points in the customer management process. This holistic data view enables targeted action and interventions resulting in debt reduction.

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Retain Customers

Data enabling your debt process and supporting early identification of vulnerable and financially stressed customers can deliver more effective resolution actions. Retaining, rather than losing, customers.


Simple to deploy. Rapid to impact.

Connected Data transforms your debt management effectiveness through optimising the impact of data. From insightful dashboards that drive action to our AI powered data discovery that automatically monitors your debt portfolio in real time.

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Descriptive Analytics

Dashboards are configured to your required data views/metrics, these are dynamic and updated as often as the data is refreshed - the frequency is your choice.

You can select Dashboard content from our ever evolving data catalogue, define your own or blend the two options. It is your choice.

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Data Enrichment

Our links to multiple data solution partners allow us to present you with the widest range of data enrichment opportunities.

Configured within the Connected Data service to present a clear view on the data impact and return on investment. We support access to the leading data solutions with fully transparent pricing set by the data partner.

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Augmented Analytics

Blending the latest & trending customer data with the broadest range of enrichment data provides a unique platform to deliver an ongoing and dynamic analytics service across your debt portfolio.

Overlaid to our Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning is a team of people with deep analytical & practitioner debt expertise.