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Debt Prevention as a Service

The Connected Data debt prevention service is designed to minimise impact on your resources whilst maximising the prevention & reduction of debt. The process is dynamic rather than static, continually providing you with the latest data enabled insight to your debt position, supporting opportunities to prevent and reduce debt.

You benefit from our continual investment in technology to support your Debt Prevention strategies, we invest so you don't have to.

The Connected Data service is modular. Deploy and pay for only the elements that you need, when you need them. Run as a Proof of Concept, a specific debt issue project or a longer term debt prevention programme - your choice.

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Elevated insight & understanding

Elevate your level of insight, understanding and data enabled decision making across your entire debt management operation.

Identify debt that you can prevent

We know that most debt portfolios can be positively impacted through more effectively data enabling your Debt Management process, reducing your debt levels and optimising your customer treatment strategies.

Maximise your customer contact channels

Simple but impactful. A lack of accurate contact channel data impacts your ability to resolve. We typically identify that Contact Channel (Landline/Mobile/Email) data quality across your late stage debt portfolio can be increased by 10% - 15% when matched to a range of our data solution partners.

Data enable your Vulnerable customer strategy

Vulnerable customers that haven’t self-identified can be data identified, utilising a wide range of data solutions. You are always aware of how many Vulnerable customers you have allowing the optimisation of your vulnerability strategy.

Identify those customers that are on track elsewhere

It is not unusual to find 10% -15% of customers within a late stage debt portfolio who, when additional payment lines are analysed, appear to be  financially stable and on track with other
payments. Typically when placed into a recoveries process the liquidation is very good for these accounts, is this the optimum strategy for these customers?

Optimise Goneaway identification

Customers who are still categorised as active and yet external data identifies a high probability that a change of tenant/owner has occurred. Our simple ‘Mover Indicators’ can identify these
cases so that specific treatments can be applied to contact the customer at a new address or through a phone or digital strategy.