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Our story

Connected Data

Powered by the widest range of data solutions, Connected Data allows you to data enable your debt management process with minimal impact on your own resources.

Founded in early 2020, Connected Data is pioneering the wider and more effective deployment of data across the entire debt management process, from pre-delinquency to late stage collections.


The first of its kind, Connected Data is the only service that deploys the widest range of data solutions, analytics & AI with the absolute focus of reducing, resolving & preventing debt.


We believe that there is an imbalance in how & where data is deployed to solve the debt management challenge, when compared to other aspects of the customer journey such as customer acquisition, including ID & fraud, and customer management. Our goal is simple, to address this imbalance and ensure consumers are treated fairly, reflective of all relevant data rather than the limited data views deployed today.


Everyday we focus on making it simpler for our customers and data partners to deliver the impact that a truly data enabled debt management process can bring.

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