Connected Alerts

Automated Portfolio Monitoring - APM

Connected Alerts allows you to deploy APM (Automated Portfolio Monitoring) across all or targeted elements of your debt portfolio. Full integration with our Data Partners allows you to truly data enable your debt management process.


Connected Alerts for those data points
'you know you need to know'

Preconfigured Alerts allow for fully automated monitoring across your entire portfolio. Alerts can be configured and deployed against any data criteria, your own data, data from our Data Partners or a blend of the two. Connected Alerts can be scheduled to run at any chosen frequency and will broadcast to your team the moment the data changes and meets the criteria set.


Connected Signals

Connected Signals automatically discovers and surfaces the most important changes in your debt portfolio as they happen. Signals are immediately delivered to you as these changes occur. You can focus on data action versus data discovery.

Connected Signals for those data points 'you don't know you need to know'

Connected Signals automates data discovery by trawling your debt portfolio for statistically significant changes and notifying you of the ones that you need to act on. Trend changes, period comparisons, spikes, dips and more. You’ll be automatically alerted to the most important changes as they happen so you can act immediately

Connected Signals are personalised &
driven by your interactions

Signals become more personalised the more the you interact with it. The Signals that you watch, rate or ignore are stored and this refines our recommendation engine so it knows what matters to the individual, and can serve more relevant Signals in the future.

Connected Signals automatically looks
for a range of patterns across your debt portfolio, removing 'Data Noise' and allowing you to focus on actions

  • Spikes & drops

  • Breakouts

  • Step changes

  • Change in trend

  • Change in volatility

  • Change in total

  • New & lost attributes

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